Rays-Red Sox Game 1: A Nail Biter

I don’t know about you, but I was really into this one, even though there wasn’t a Yankee in sight. So many storylines. Would Dice K throw a no-hitter? Did Grant “The Mad Australian” Balfour plunk J.D. Drew on purpose? Would Carlos Pena get the green light with two men on and nobody out in the eighth?
And then there was J.P. Howell’s pre-game meal, which the TBS crew felt the need to tell us about:
With a side order of:
Was all that food giving the lefty a case of heartburn and is that why Ortiz walked and Youkilis reached on an error by Crawford smacked an RBI double that glanced off Crawford’s glove?
When it was all over, I decided that the Rays reminded me of the birds that fly into my living room window by mistake and drop to the ground, stunned. Eventually, they get back up and fly away, but who knows if there’s any damage to their little bodies. The Rays were stunned tonight. Time will tell if they’ll get back up and fly again.
As for their fans?
raysfans.jpgI think they were damaged before the game started.


  1. Jane Heller

    I think the pressure is definitely on the Rays right now. They’re showing it for the first time all year. But I’m not counting them out just yet.

  2. steve_t

    I agree. It’s far from over. The Rays may get over their early jitters and take 4 straight. I hate to admit it, but they are that good. Lucky for me, the Red Sox are no pushovers, as they’ve proved all season long. This series may be more watchable than the World Series.

    Steve T.

  3. Jane Heller

    I had the same feeling last night – the game was like a heavyweight fight. I got totally caught up in it because, while each team has different strengths and weaknesses, both teams bring interesting elements to the table. And it’s the classic David and Goliath.

  4. Jane Heller

    I hear you, Kylie. It stinks when your team isn’t in it. I wrote a humorous (hopefully) piece on the subject that’s running in the NY Times tomorrow. Will post the link later tonight.

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