Sorry, Joe

I guess it wasn’t the Dodgers’ night. But it was only Game 1. No reason to be so down.

I wish you had pulled Lowe sooner – he sure seemed like he was out of gas after Utley’s at bat – but, hey, you’re the manager. Besides, it was cool being a temporary Dodgers fan in the sense that I didn’t flip out when you lost, the way I would have if this had been the Yankees.
You must be having a great time with the fun players you get to work with now, especially Manny. I tried doing my hair like he does and I just couldn’t make it happen.
And what a wild and crazy guy Lowe turned out to be, huh? He decided to have a roll in the grass in the middle of the game – with a Philly!
Anyhow, I’ve got to say that watching National League games is a different experience for me. It’s like when I used to smoke cigarettes. I was a Marlboro person and when I couldn’t find my brand I’d switch to Winstons. They weren’t as good, but any cigarettes were better than no cigarettes.


  1. PAUL

    Joe kinda looks like he may have fallen asleep there.
    One of the things that first attracted me to my fiancee was the cool way she held her cigarettes and spiraled them between her fingers before flicking the ashes (she smoked a funky European brand called Berkley); European chicks have style. She’s since quit. And where could you possibly have been that you couldn’t find Marlboros? (I only used to smoke in bars.)

  2. Jane Heller

    I think he looks like he’s got heartburn from all that green tea he drinks. As for Marlboros, trust me, there were times when I was desperate for a pack and everybody would be out of them – in Manhattan! Btw, when’s the wedding?

  3. PAUL

    Well, since her family’s in Finland and mine’s here and since I’m not a fan of those big weddings (they’re a waste of money for everyone as far as I’m concerned; when I get an invitation to one I consider it to be a bill), we’re just gonna do a small justice of the peace thing at the courthouse whenever we get around to it. We were sort of unofficially engaged a year after we met and then I got her the ring…eight years later.

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