Bad Blood?

No, not between the Dodgers and Phillies. Nothing that I’m aware of, anyway. I’m looking ahead to tomorrow night’s contest featuring these two:

James Shields will be on the mound for the Rays and Coco Crisp could be in the lineup for the Red Sox. Their dustup, which led to a blench-clearing brawl (yes, there were actually a few punches thrown, in addition to all the silly standing around) happened earlier in the season and should be ancient history. Plus, a player would be truly stupid to get tossed and suspended during a critical postseason series. But testosterone runs high at this time of year.
For those who missed it, here’s a look back at the spirited rivalry that is Rays-Red Sox. You be the judge. If Dice K comes inside to Navarro, will we have an “issue?”




    There have been several incidents between these clubs over the last fews years. The Rays have never backed down despite their traditional junior position versus the Red Sox. This confidence will help the Rays during this series.

  2. Jane Heller

    I certainly remember how aggressive the Rays were against the Yankees in spring training when their catcher barreled into Cervelli.


    Hi Jane………..enjoying the banter between your blog and the other blog, “Yankees Fan in Boston” which I came across while reading a feature article in this year’s All Star Game Program. I hope the blogging continues over the winter.

  4. Jane Heller

    I’m be blogging my fingers off this winter, so no worries there. My book comes out in Feb, so I’ll probably be off doing promotional stuff, but I’ll have my trusty laptop with me. I’m also hoping to go to Tampa for spring training. I heard there’s a big Barnes & Noble near Steinbrenner Field and my publisher may want me to do a signing there. Glad you’re enjoying the banter!

  5. Jane Heller

    It would be really dumb, Paul. But I was sitting on the first base line at Yankee Stadium during the subway series when Clemens threw that bat at Piazza. I’ve seen dumb!

    I’m laughing at my typo above: “I’m be blogging.” Sounds like a reggae song.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Hey, Jane, “I’m be blogging” too. Haha.
    It is my belief that the Rays not only want to play tough and win, but they want to prove to the world that they aren’t the dusty last place saps of old as well. Sometimes it takes knockin’ a guy out to show that. We’ll see!


    I think Tampa’s Manager, Joe Madden, has more stones than all the American League East managers combined. This will help the Rays win. And I don’t mean kidney stones.

  8. Jane Heller

    Hey, Jeff. So you didn’t know I was a relative of Bob Marley? I’m be singing too!

    LOL on the “stones,” primo.

  9. Jane Heller

    Hey, Mark. Thanks so much for featuring me! I don’t know how you reel off all these articles, especially while you’re traveling around the country, but I’m glad you do.

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