The Little Known Secret of the Rays’ Success

Yes, there’s the maturing of their young pitching staff. Yes, there’s that perfect combination of rookies and veterans. And yes, there’s the fact that they’re scrappy and fast and fearless under Joe Maddon and have been that way since spring training (Yankee fans remember just how fearless). But now I’ve uncovered another reason – they’re a tobacco-less team. Sure, go ahead and laugh, but watch.

Very well intentioned. But – sorry to be so dense – what do they mean by, “I don’t DIP?” What the heck is DIPPING? We’re not talking about nacho chips in guacamole, right? Could someone explain while I wait for today’s games to start?


  1. Jane Heller

    Most definitely explains the Tigers’ terribleness. But how about Francona? I’ve seen dark blobs in that mouth along with the pink gum. Euw. And you didn’t explain what dipping is!

  2. Tucker Elliot

    Jane, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment — I enjoyed reading your post and I look forward to your new book. By the way, I went to several Rays games at The Trop this year — saw all the Rays’ players and their tobacco free Florida ads on the jumbo tron way too many times . . . but for once, actually saw some good baseball at The Trop too, amazing!

    — David

  3. PAUL

    The little circular silhouettes of canisters you see in the players’ pockets is the container of dip. That’s why you see them spitting all the time; you can’t swallow the juices because you get sick (trust me on that one). Guys walk around away from the ballpark with it in their lower lip all day long carrying an empty bottle that they spit the black juice into. It’s addictive and the first time you do it—-you get blitzed!

  4. Jane Heller

    Wow. I’m the luckiest person on earth to have such great sources of info. You guys cleared this matter right up. Of course, now my husband informs me that he tried dipping in high school and passed out!

    David, thanks for stopping by. Great blog you’ve got. I’ll be back often.

    Oh – about why ballplayers spit all the time. When I was researching my book, one Yankee told me it was because they’re always hungover and their mouths are like the inside of a pillow!

  5. Kylie

    Good for them. Dip is gross. I remember being at a Braves/Tigers spring training game and the guy sitting next to me used to play in the Pirates’ system. He had a huge wad of dip in his lip and spat without discretion into the grass… of the berm… where people were sitting…
    Kylie —

  6. Jane Heller

    That IS gross. Plus, as the Rays public service announcements made clear, it’s a huge health risk. What’s wrong with plain old bubble gum? When I was a kid, it came with a baseball card.

  7. Jane Heller

    Oops. I meant the guy in Kylie’s story was gross, not you max11! Thanks for coming over and commenting.


    The Angels are over matched by the Red Sox bats and the experience the Red Sox have in the playoffs. The Angles have experience as well but it is of the choking type.

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