Girardi’s Press Conference Today – Let’s Discuss

Just listened to the audio, courtesy of Peter Abraham’s blog, and Joe sounded as if his team hadn’t been bumped from the playoffs for the first time in 13 years. Sure, he used the word “disappointed” a couple of times, but the guy is nothing if not upbeat. Either he was born that way or he’s on Prozac.

A few of his answers stood out for me.
* He said he has a better understanding now of what makes individual players tick. (Gee, I would hope so after spending all those months with them.)
* He said there will be a conscious effort to avoid the slow start the Yankees got off to, both this year and last. (He didn’t say what that effort would involve, and I, for one, would have liked specifics.)
* He said the Yankees plan to upgrade the rotation so there will be more experienced pitchers on the staff, either by diving into the free agent market or through trades. One of the writers asked if the Yankees were still the “in” place for free agents. Girardi’s answer? “Sure, it is.” (Again, the man is upbeat.)
* He said he thinks Pettitte will return but doesn’t know about Mussina. (Am I the only one who wonders if the Yankees SHOULD bring Andy back?)
* He said he expects Posada, Matsui, Wang, and Mo to recover fully from their surgeries/injuries and be at full capacity when next season starts. (I think it’s the Prozac. Nobody is that cheerful about the future without at least a little medication.)
There were no juicy tidbits – Girardi didn’t venture a guess about what Cashman will decide and he didn’t commit to whether Joba will start or relieve, etc.
So, it looks like we’ll end the 2008 season the same way we ended 2007 – with plenty of uncertainty. Which means there will be lots of stuff to blog about.  


  1. jboogie

    I love him and all but it’s time to close the book on Andy Pettitte. I think it’s just time. He’s been digressing and he’s not getting any younger. I’d consider him as a 5th starter, but only if all other options are gone. they need to get younger and they can probably find the same kind of starter, but younger, for less money.


  2. PAUL

    Did you hear the press conference from last week in which he apologized to the media (on orders from Brian Cashman) for lying about Mariano Rivera’s injury? He’s VERY paranoid and seems into some bouts of self-pity beneath that enthusiastic, gung-ho exterior. He’d better get off to a good start next year…

  3. Jane Heller

    J-Boogie, my thinking exactly. If he’ll take less $ and be our insurance guy in the rotation, I’d be all for it. But he’s clearly not our go-to guy anymore – the one who always got us a win after a losing streak.

    Paul, I was so tempted to post an entry about the whole Girardi-Mo-lying thing last week, but it seemed like everyone had already covered it so I restrained myself. If Cashman doesn’t come back, Joe will be on a very short leash next year. Still, the enthusiastic, gung-ho part of me (and I’m not on Prozac!), believes he’ll do a better job with this experience under his belt. I hope I’m not a sucker!

    Jeff, who knows if the Yankees should have stuck with Torre. I’m just not sure this team would have done any better, no matter who the manager was. Ah, the C.C. question. Of course the Yankees will throw tons of money at him. But I keep hearing he doesn’t want to come to NY. That’s why the question the reporter asked Girardi – “Are the Yankees still the ‘in’ place where free agents want to be?” – was interesting. It’s not a given that everybody wants to play for the NYY anymore.

  4. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Jane …

    The Yankees will have to make many moves in this off-season because there are many question marks on the current Yankees roster … For this reason, I think it is very important for the Yankees to bring back Andy Pettitte and Bobby Abreu in 2009; and, we can only hope that Mike Mussina will “not” retire, and will also decide to return in 2009 … Like you said in your above post, Jane, “the 2008 season ended the same as we ended in 2007 – with plenty of uncertainty” … This off-season will be very interesting regarding what moves the Yankees willl make, as well as, seeing how well all our young prospects will play, in spring training and the 2009 regular season; and, if the Yankee players injured in 2008 will make a “full-comeback” in the 2009 season … These are all “major question marks”, which makes it “vital” for the Yankees to be very active in the free-agent market this off season !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  5. Jane Heller

    I’m beginning to think you’re right about keeping Abreu, Jimmy. We’ll need all those RBIs. Pettitte? Just not so sure. It all depends on the free agent signings.

  6. mlbmark

    “It’s not a given that everybody wants to play for the NYY anymore.”

    See: symbol above the “4” on your keyboard. There’s never been such a thing as an “in place” for free agents to sign. Just hit shift and that numeral and see what happens.


  7. mlbmark

    In fact, I think everyone should just post comments hitting that key only, and after about 20 comments see what it looks like.

  8. Jane Heller

    Point taken, Mark, although even Babe’s bat would probably have gone cold this year. Hitting is contagious but so is not hitting.

    Paul, you may be right about Torre. But the Yankees have been getting off to slow starts for awhile and it was bound to catch up with them at some point.

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