Three Rosin Bags and You’re Out!

Am I crazy or was Papelbon being a diva in today’s game? Sure, it was raining but how many times can you wipe yourself off with a rosin bag, dig your spikes into a muddy mound and wander around looking like you’d rather be cleaning toilets than pitching? Was it the weather that was bugging him? The non-save situation? The desire to be resting up for the postseason? I kept waiting for the home plate umpire to go out there and make him speed things along – isn’t that their job these days? – but no. Pap needed three rosin bags before it was over. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

O.K. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I’ll turn to the important news of the game, which, of course, was Mussina’s 20th win. Lots of clapping here. I was stuck with the NESN feed and didn’t get to see any post-game interviews, but Moose must be a very happy camper. Good job by Coke, Bruney and Mo to keep things under control, as opposed to Joba, who threw like his head was already back in Nebraska.
While I wait for the nightcap to start (how can this be the end of our season – yikes), I feel compelled to ask: Why would the Mets hold their stadium farewell after their game? I realize that they were playing for their survival today and probably didn’t want any distractions, but how could they not factor in the possibility that they might lose and that they’re “celebration” of Shea might be just a tad DEPRESSING?
Well, who I am to cast stones? My team was eliminated ages ago, or so it seems.
So now what? How do I fill the time? Pick a team that’s in the playoffs and watch their games? Throw myself into election coverage? Start a neighborhood watch and go around making citizen’s arrests?
Wait! I just remembered! Not all regular seasons are coming to an end. Tonight is the season premiere of “Desperate Housewives.” I do have something to live for.



    Congrats to Moose. I never thought he’d do this at his age and after what he did last year. I really hope he’s back next year.

    The Shea ceremonies definitely felt like a funeral and not a celebration. It was painful to watch at times.

  2. neal07

    They tried real hard in Shea, but it didn’t hold a candle to the Yankees’ farewell to the Cathedral Of Baseball.

    Jonathan Papelbon is such a little diva it’s incredible. Your job is to pitch, so pitch for your team if your manager tells you to. Mariano Rivera is such a pro, Papelbon doesn’t deserve his presence, even to be in the same park with him. But even Francisco Rodriguez, for all his exaggerated, huge celebrations which I so hate, never gets worked up for having to do his job in the rain. That was just a ridiculous display.

  3. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Neal, K-Rod’s displays are hard to watch but at least he looks like he likes his job. Although it hardly ever rains here in SoCal, so who knows if he’s ever asked for three rosin bags 🙂

  4. Kylie

    Um, yeah. A Shea Stadium celebration coming after the Cathedral celebration, well, that’s a hard act to follow.
    JosĂ© Valverde, our closer, received some criticism last year about his antics during his tenure with the Diamondbacks. Actually, Lance Berkman talked about it, which was really ironic when we traded for Valverde and they were both put in the same clubhouse. I remember watching the NLCS last year and looking at Valverde and furrowing my brow because it was a little too much, but he definitely scaled it down this year and it’s more funny than obnoxious.
    Kylie —

  5. Kylie

    He’s not a hissy-er, thank God. Valverde is more of an exaggerated-excitement guy. It usually starts with the Sign of the Cross, and I’m Catholic so I can fully appreciate that but his version involves a lot of arm-waving and jumping and pointing… and sometimes screaming ( When he comes in to pitch there’s actually a giant video of his reactions set to “Ladies and Gentlemen.” It’s amazing.
    Kylie —

  6. Jane Heller

    Just watched the video, Kylie. I totally get it now. Valverde reminds me of K-Rod, who points up and crosses himself six thousand times, etc. I laugh when I think about how Joba Chamberlain got grief for pumping his fist after a strike out. Small potatoes these days.

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