Caroline Kennedy Is a Fan of Which Team?

No, that’s not a trick question. I actually asked her about her baseball partisanship today. I was fortunate to have been invited to a reception for her while she was here in California stumping for Barack Obama. She was gracious and down to earth, and spoke eloquently about why she decided last year, when she turned 50, to get out and support Obama.

Of course, the “normal” people at the reception went up to her after her talk and asked her how her Uncle Teddy was doing, why Hillary wasn’t picked as the VP candidate, what she thinks about the bailout, health care, etc. Not me. When it was my turn to step up and shake her hand, I had only one thing on my mind.
“I’m curious,” I said. “You live in New York, but your family compound is in Massachusetts. And Neil Diamond named that Fenway song, ‘Sweet Caroline’, after you. So are you a Yankee fan or a Red Sox fan?”
She seemed taken aback for a second, then said, “Both teams.” She smiled apologetically. “I know I’m not supposed to be but I am.”
I was about to launch into a whole litany of reasons why she should like the Yankees more, but luckily for her she was whisked away by a security guy.
Speaking of the Yankees, what a wretched game tonight against the Jays (bye, bye Carl). Unlike last night’s game, which had a few things to appreciate, tonight’s game was a waste of time. Aside from the incredibly speedy Brett Gardner and his improving offense, there was no one to applaud. Well, except Roy Halladay. I was actually rooting for him to get his 20th win. I wish the Yankees had a horse like him. He not only pitches complete games and strikes batters out, but he fields his position really well. I want us to buy him, trade for him, kidnap him in the dead of night and smuggle him into the Bronx. I’m jealous of Toronto because they have him and we don’t. Petty of me, but there it is.


  1. pinstripepride3


    I’d like to think that I inspired you to ask a famous person an off-the-wall question. If I didn’t, just let me keep thinking that. Did you realize that by talking to Caroline Kennedy there are now less than six degrees of separation between you and Joe DiMaggio?

    I can’t really understand someone being a fan of two different teams that are such strong rivals. Something about that seems wrong. She must have a stronger allegiance to one over the other. Maybe she’s a Red Sox fan and didn’t want to upset you. Were you wearing a Yankee hat or shirt when you asked her?

    Caroline, we’d love to have you as a Yankee fan, but if you want to be a Red Sox fan that’s OK too because it gives us yet another person to argue with. Just pick a team!

  2. yankeeblogger

    That Brett Gardner is something, isn’t he? I watched him last night hoping they bring him up for good next year. He’s got some things to work on, but boy, what speed! Reminds me of Mickey Mantle before the drainage pipe injury.
    I, too, wish we had someone like Halladay. Remind me again why Cashman didn’t go after Santana last winter? Look at the Mets now. Despite rolling out Pedro every now and then, they’re in the playoffs, while we sit and drink our hot chocolate and watch baseball on tv. Doesn’t seem quite right.

  3. PAUL

    The “both teams” comment sound like Caroline is just as (if not more) qualified to be VP based on Sarah Palin because it’s a huge line of bs.
    The Yankee fan in you is showing Jane; the attitude regarding Halladay of “we want, therefore we should have”. You should be careful what you wish for considering what’s gone on with ARod.
    Joe Torre took a dig at the Yankees ownership without naming names if you didn’t see it:

  4. Jane Heller

    So much to comment on this morning (yes, it’s still morning for me here in CA).

    Pinstripe – you are too funny. Six degrees separating me and Joe D! That’s hilarious! And no, I wasn’t wearing my Yankees gear yesterday. Even I’m not that crazy. It was a fancy luncheon in a private home and everyone was all dressed up, including me. So Caroline Kennedy had no way of knowing my allegiance. My guess is she really does root for both teams. Her father came from a Red Sox family but she grew up in New York and I remember seeing her brother riding his bike with a Yankees cap on. So who knows?

    Stefan, I have the Santana conversation with anybody who’ll listen. Posada wanted him. All the players wanted him. I heard it over and over again when I was writing my book. And yet Cashman and company went the other way. So be it. I think they’ll be more aggressive this time around.

    And Paul. Oh, Paul. So cynical. Comparing Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin for any reason is like comparing Derek Jeter to, say, Julio Lugo. And about the Yankee fan in me showing? The fact that I want Halladay doesn’t mean I think I deserve or am entitled to Halladay. He’s a great pitcher. Of course I’d love to have him on my team. Can’t I be a fan and covet the established players of other teams? Or do I have to only want kids that come through our farm system and cost nothing? I want a mix of both! What’s more, I’m not ready to concede that signing A-Rod was a mistake. Take that! In the off season I’m going to find him a good therapist and break him of the choke label once and for all! Saw that article about Torre. Interesting. He must be feeling pretty good these days and rightfully so.

  5. Jane Heller

    Aww, Mark. I bet you say that to all the bloggers. Thanks for the sentiment. I have a great time doing this.

    Greg, I think you have to snag baseballs to be a pro blogger 🙂

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