Keith Olbermann, Paul Simon, Billy Crystal  and….Me?

No, I don’t hang out with any of the above. But we’re all together, along with Penny Marshall, Henry Kissinger and others, in a special feature called “Echoes in the Bronx” in this weekend’s New York Times sports section. The Times asked each of us to reminisce about Yankee Stadium, and you can find all the essays on the Times’ web site. I thought Penny Marshall’s was especially touching. Keith Olbermann’s too. As for mine? 

Some of us were also interviewed for short audio podcasts that are up in the “Multimedia” section of the Times’ site. 
Everybody has a special memory of Yankee Stadium – probably more than one if you’re like me. Feel free to share them by posting a comment. Once the hype has died down and the season comes to its inevitable conclusion, it’ll be our memories that’ll keep us going through the long winter months. Well, memories plus a couple of really big free-agent signings!


  1. steve_t

    When you ask me about Yankee Stadium, the moment I will always remember was when I was a kid and I watched Reggie’s 3-homer game against the Dodgers in Game 6. #44 was my favorite player back then and that night, to me, he became the greatest hitter in the world.

    Yeah, this Red Sox fan will miss the Stadium. It was the place that made me a fan of the game and I’ll be watching on ESPN tonight. And since my Sox are October-bound, I’ll be rooting for Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter and maybe even A-Rod. I’d hate to see the last home game of the year go as a loss after so many great seasons.

    Steve T.

  2. Jane Heller

    Steve – you’re incredibly generous to offer your memory of Yankee Stadium, being a Red Sox fan, as well as to wish my team luck in tonight’s game. I congratulate you on your team’s season. You guys seem to have put together a solid core of players – the right mix of rookies and veterans and, of course, effective pitchers. I hope the Yankees can do the same so we can get back to battling you for the division!
    – Jane

  3. Jane Heller

    Thanks for those nice words about the Times thing, Paul. My piece on the Stadium was bumped from the print version when Henry Kissinger came through with his reminiscence at the last minute. What can I say? The man was secretary of state and I’m a lowly author! The truth is, I was honored to be asked to write something.
    – Jane

  4. Jane Heller

    V: I’ll check it out. Just started watching the game after all the hours of coverage on ESPN. (How amazing was that ovation for Bernie?) We’re only in the third but Pettitte is not inspiring confidence.
    – Jane

  5. PAUL

    As the recent crop of secretaries of state have proven, any right wing zealot who goes along with the agenda can be secretary of state; it takes brains and skill to be an author (a good one anyway).
    I have to be honest: the broadcast is getting kinda tiresome and not just because of Joe Morgan for once; you’d think they were moving to Newark; they’re moving across the street.

  6. Jane Heller

    Yes, the coverage is over the top and they’re all acting as if the Yankees are moving to another country BUT I’m loving every second of it. When Whitey and Yogi were in the booth, I could have listened to their stories forever. I even skipped the Emmys, which I never do!
    – Jane

  7. pinstripepride3

    I have so many great memories of being in Yankee Stadium. My first game is described in detail on my blog. There are so many others: Old Timer’s Day in the ’80s when I saw Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and a bunch of other greats in person for the first time, the Pennant clinching game in 2001 when we blew out the Mariners, Chien-Ming Wang’s first MLB start when I took my daughter to Monument Park for the first time, the All-Star Game this year with all of the greatest players on the field, sitting in the Babe Ruth Luxury Box, sitting directly behind home plate (which was actually better than the luxury box), taking The Stadium tour where I got to sit in the dugout and walk into the locker room, but the best was the 2001 World Series – game 4 when Tino gave NY something to cheer about and Derek became Mr. November. Being in The Stadium and being a part of that was special.

  8. Jane Heller

    Great memories, pinstripepride. Can’t believe you went to the All-Star game this year. How did you score the Babe Ruth Luxury Box and get to sit in the dugout/walk into the locker room? I am sooo jealous! When I spent last season following the Yankees I would have killed to get that kind of access! Instead, I resorted to other measures. (You’ll have to read the book to find out what measures!)

  9. jimmy27nyy

    Hi Jane,

    Nice article in the NY Times about your memories growing up as a Yankees fan … In many ways, our early childhood memories formed the foundation for us to become fans of the greatest team in the history of baseball, and all sports, the New York Yankees !!! … For me, when I first started following the Yankees in the late 1960’s, I also grew up watching black and white TV, and listening to the “great” Phil Rizzuto talk about the awesome Yankees tradition, and all the great Yankee teams and players of the past … Learning about the great Yankees Tradition, made me a Yankees fan … And, even though the Yankee teams of the late 1960’s [’67, ’68, and ’69] were not very good teams, it was still a very warm feeling to know [in the days before free-agency] the same players would be on the Yankees roster every year … I would always look forward to spring training and the new season every year, with the “hope” that the Yankees would finish in first place, and return to their great glory days of the past … Finally, when George Steinbrenner bought the team in 1973, the Yankees did return to the top of the Baseball world, winning the AL Championship in 1976, and the World Championship in 1977 and 1978 … Of course, the rest is [awesome] Yankees history !!! …. Anyway, this is all part of being a Yankees fan, and all these memories will always be alive in my heart and mind … The same goes for the “closing” of Yankee Stadium … All these memories are a “Celebration” of the great Yankees Tradition !!! … Take care, Jane … Keep up the excellent work !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  10. Jane Heller

    Jimmy, it’s amazing how so many of us form our allegiances to sports teams when we’re children. Some people went to their first game with their father. Some remember discovering baseball by playing it with their friends. And some, like me, found baseball as a way to fill an emotional void left by the death of a parent. However we came to our teams (to the Yankees, in our case), I’m just grateful that we did. The Yanks have been such an important part of my life and always will be.

  11. pinstripepride3


    I’ve been pretty lucky. It helps that everyone I know refers to me as a psychotic Yankee fan, because whenever someone has extra Yankee tickets they think of me first. I got the luxury box seats a few years back through a vendor I used at work. A friend had an extra ticket and asked me if I wanted to go to the All-Star game this year, which was like asking an alcoholic if he wants a drink. As for the access to the stadium, that was part of the tour I took a couple of weeks ago. They rushed us a bit, but it was well worth the $15 tour price.

  12. Jane Heller

    I guess being a psychotic fan only works if you have friends with Yankee tickets. My New York friends are not into baseball and my California friends are, well, in California. Maybe I need new friends!

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