Take a Seat, Robbie

Is there anyone on the planet who DOESN’T think Girardi should have benched Cano before today for lack of hustle? What good does it do to discipline him with 13 games to go? So he’ll be motivated for next year? So he’ll show other teams he’s trade worthy? So Girardi can prove to Hank, Hal and Cash that he really is about fundamentals and preparedness and isn’t an impostor? Wasn’t the big headline in spring training about how Joe had all his players – even the veterans – running drills until they dropped? What happened to that sense that he would instill new vigor in the team?

I went to see the Yankees in Anaheim during their last series against the Angels, and (I’m cringing as I write this) I was impressed by the Angels’ hustle. Those guys bust it running down the line to first. They bust it in the field. They bust it in everything they do. (Well, except for Garret Anderson who may be busting it but often looks like he’s just out for some fresh air.) If Torre was too much of a father figure, then Girardi is too much of a brother figure. The Yankees don’t need a brother. They need a manager. I’m hoping Girardi will grow into the job.


  1. yankeeblogger

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment. I truly appreciate it. I have read many of your entries here and love the way you write about the Yankees. I look forward to reading your new book next year. I have written a new entry on my blog that I think you will find interesting. I hope you will read it and will take it as the compliment I intended. I love your work. Maybe this off season the brass can get us some pitching instead of the joke that Pavano’s been for so many years. Thank you again.

  2. jboogie

    I could not agree with you more about Girardi. This was a move he should have made a long time ago. Girardi’s job is to figure out how to get 100% form his players. Cano has been givng it about 50% all year. This was something Girardi dropped the ball on. Anyone that knows Cano’s history knows he needs the occassional kick in the rear and some tough love. Had Joe got on him earlier maybe their position in the standings would be different? Just one of the many, many drawbacks of Girardi in his 1st year. I echo your sentiment that i hope he grows into the job.



  3. Jane Heller

    Hey, Yankeeblogger. Just saw what you wrote on your blog and laughed so hard. It’s like one of those Where’s Waldo puzzles. I had to go back and re-read it a few times to spot the words. (For anyone who’s interested, Yankeeblogger went on my web site and picked out the titles of my novels and inserted them into his entry about Jeter. Very, very clever!) And yeah, let’s hope we get some pitching next season. I’m thinking Pavano is probably getting hip replacement surgery on the Yankees’ health plan.
    – Jane

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