On the Bright Side….There’s Phil Coke

I know it’s naive to look at a young call-up who pitches well in September and say, “He should be in the Yankees rotation next year.” That plan didn’t exactly pan out when it came to building a team around Hughes and Kennedy. But the few times I’ve watched Phil Coke out of the pen he’s been impressive. He’s a lefty, which doesn’t hurt, and he has an aggressive, competitive demeanor. Worth keeping an eye on him. As for Ponson, tonight HAD to be his last night in pinstripes, right? Bye bye, Sir Sidney, and thanks for the memories.

On a non-pitching note…how fast is Brett Gardner? Yikes. If only he could hit!


  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Ponson doesn’t really fit the Yankee mold. What were the Yankees doing signing him, I thought? A washed up pitcher, that the Yankees pulverised when he played for Baltimore 6-13 4.89 ERA.

    Shows how much trouble you guys have had with the rotation, signing a pitcher like that.

    As for my Jays, they are playing amazing right now and I love it, even though we have a slim chance at making the playoffs. We showed that the White Sox aren’t a playoff team, but are in tough against Boston in Fenway. Oh well, 3rd place is cozy.

  2. Jane Heller

    Your Jays are certainly playing well, but what happened in the nightcap at Fenway yesterday? You had the lead, lost it, almost mounted a comeback but were shutdown. Since my team is out of it, I’m rooting for yours. So maybe Halladay will get it done today?
    – Jane

  3. pinstripepride3

    I was thinking the same thing about Phil Coke as I watched him pitch. I think Hughes will be good, once he’s not pitching with a cracked rib (I’d love to know the story behind how that rib was cracked), but Coke certainly looks like he can have more success at the Major League level than Kennedy. Coke goes after hitters and throws strikes, although I guess we can’t be assured that he would continue to do that in a starting role.

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