It’s Only the Third Inning But I Have to Ask

Where has all this offense been? Jeter only needs one hit to tie Gehrig as I write this. He came into this series against the Rays knowing he needed nine hits in ten games to tie the record, and what does he do? He hits. No problem. So my question is….If he can turn it on now, why couldn’t he have turned it on in the ALDS last year, for example? I know, I know. Edwin Jackson isn’t Sabathia, but still. And then there’s A-Rod. For this entire season he came up to the plate with bases loaded and did nothing. Today? Grand slam. So puzzling. But let’s go, Jeet. Break the record!

Uh-oh. The Rays are bringing in their “Joba.” David Price is their phenon with blazing stuff. He’s about to make his major league debut. More later.


  1. Jane Heller

    I’ll watch until the bitter end. I’m even switching back and forth between this game and Red Sox-Jays. It’s an addiction. I need a 12-step program for Yankeeholics.
    – Jane

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