Freddy Sez: “Only Jeter Showed Up Today”

Those who are Stadium regulars know Freddy, the guy who goes around asking people to bang on his pan for good luck and carries a sign with encouraging words about the Yankees. What must poor Freddy be thinking about today’s loss to the Rays, never mind about the rest of the season? A-Rod couldn’t play because of a stiff neck. Moose didn’t make it to the sixth. And Giambi had his usual throwing issue. Only Jeter showed he still had a pulse, somehow coming up with three hits against yet another pitcher to baffle the Yankees’ offense. Whether or not Jeet will break Gehrig’s record is about all the suspense left to this forgettable season. I suppose it’s possible that Ponson will surprise everybody and toss a great game in the nightcap. But – and I’m paraphrasing Obama – you can put lipstick on a mediocre pitcher but he’s still a mediocre pitcher.

Here I am with Freddy the pan man in happier times. I was just beginning my nearly three months following the Yankees for my book. Freddy was telling me about how he had a bit part in the movie “For Love of the Game.” He’s such a character. I hope the Yankees include him in their farewell festivities.
Freddie Sez web.jpg



  1. flairforthedramatic

    I think they should definitely have him involved in the farewell festivites. They should have him pull the lever counting down the games or throw out the first pitch one game, I don’t know. He’s a part of the stadium. I remember seeing him years ago, I think at my first game. I don’t know how he does it. That’s reallllll devotion to a team though. Gotta love the man.
    V –

  2. Jane Heller

    V: I totally think they should let Freddy throw out the first pitch at one of the games or pull the lever. He told me he grew up around the corner from the Stadium and, after he retired from his job, just started coming to games with that pan and banging it for luck. Eventually, the Yankees realized he was an attraction and gave him a lifetime pass to all the games. He’s so old and frail looking that I don’t know how he climbs up and around the Stadium for hours each night, sometimes in horrible heat. But you gotta love him.

    – Jane

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