Where Has Aceves Been All My Life?

Great job by Aceves, which makes me wonder why we were stuck with Rasner for all those starts when we could have had this guy in the rotation. But then there are so many unsolved mysteries regarding the 2008 Yankees. Like what IS Cano’s approach at the plate, exactly? Does he have one? And why was Jeter looking so sloppy on defense tonight?

On the bright side, nice to see Damon smacking a couple and A-Rod hitting one with runners on.  Also nice to see the Yankees work Santana into an early exit to get to the Angels’ pen. And, of course, congrats to Jeter for breaking The Babe’s record for hits as a Yank.
Does the win matter in the larger scheme of things? Sure it does. Toronto beat Chicago so while we don’t gain ground on them, we don’t lose any either. Call me crazy, but I’m really not interested in winding up in fourth place. Third is enough of an indignity. I mean, come on. We’re the New York Yankees, the greatest franchise in sports! (It felt good to say that out loud, even though I sounded like I was doing a Michael Kay imitation.)


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog … When you get a chance, check out my response to your comments !!! … Well, it was good to see the Yankees win 7-1 last night. They looked like the “Bronx Bombers” of old … Three homeruns, and a great pitching effort by “newcomer” Alfredo Aceves, against the first place [in the AL WEST] Angels, brought back memories of past greatness by the Yankees … Hopefully, our New York Yankees will continue to play like they did last night — playing for “pride” and “respect” of the great Yankees Tradition — the rest of the season … I agree with you Jane, no matter what happens the rest of the way I don’t want to see the Yankees finish the season in fourth place !!! … Yes, I’ll also say it out loud, “We’re the New York Yankees, the greatest franchise in the history of baseball, and all sports” … Take care! Jimmy [27NYY] …


  2. Jane Heller

    I call it the Cano Conundrum. He’s clearly talented and may or may not have been adversely affected by Bowa’s departure. Still, he’s cost the Yankees this year with his sometimes careless defense and mostly anemic offense. But if they trade him and he shines for some other team, I’ll be pissed off.
    – Jane

  3. jboogie

    I was wondering the same thing on my blog about why Aceves didn’t get the call earlier. Just one of the many puzzling decisions by Girardi. And I’ll be real mad if they trade Cano. He’s way too talented and has an incredibly high ceiling. They just need to find a way to reach him. Perhaps a good benching a la his buddy Melky would do. Let him know he could lose his spot.



  4. pinstripepride3

    Don’t forget how good Rasner was in his first few starts this year. Aceves was good yesterday, but that’s no guarantee that he would continue to pitch that well. I think the Yankees were hoping Rasner would recapture what he had in the beginning of the year.

    I thought Cano was going to snap out of his slump after he started the second half on a tear, but he cooled off quickly. His swing was messed up earlier in the year. Now it seems he’s frustrated. He just looks lost at the plate. He and Melky, along with the loss of Posada, have been the main reason for the Yankees lack of scoring this year.

    Regardless, it was good to get a win.

  5. mlbmark

    BTW: Need. Literary Agent. Now. I’m 0-for-3, and one of the biggest wants me to start with a “baseball book” rather than the n/f magnum opus I am shopping. I have on blinders but wow do I need some agent love.


  6. Jane Heller

    J-Boogie…I honestly don’t know what to say about Cano. Bowa had a tough love relationship with him last year and it seemed to work. But shouldn’t a player who got a nice contract in the off season and the support of management find a way to motivate himself? It would be kinda sad if he needed a babysitter at this stage.

    Pinstripe Pride….I know Rasner gave us a few quality starts early on, but once you take a few turns in the rotation and the major league teams see more of you, things change. Aceves may be a keeper or not. Time will tell. I agree that Posada’s loss was huge. He had a monster year in ’07 and is said to be a leader in the clubhouse. Let’s hope he’s healthy in ’09.

    Mark – thanks for the heads up about my blog. And feel free to email me about agents. I’m happy to help if I can.

    – Jane

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