Another No-Name Pitcher the Yankees Couldn’t Solve

In today’s loss to the Angels, it was somebody named Moseley who stifled the bats. But it could have been any one on the LONG list of rookie and/or undistinguished pitchers we’ve faced this season. Feirabend. Morrow. Slowey. Feldman. Sarfate. Sowers. Hochevar. Who are these people who’ve masqueraded as Cy Young Award winners and why do the Yankees have so much trouble against them? We don’t score against Halladay and Beckett? I get that. But, with all due respect, Moseley shouldn’t have made us look so helpless today.

And then there’s K-Rod. Excuse me, but how can anyone give Joba grief for pumping his fist when this guy hogs the attention like he’s auditioning for some cheesy soap opera?

I’m in California, so I was forced to watch the Angels’ feed on TV, which only made the loss more sickening. I had to listen to how the Halos would be sitting in the clubhouse after the game, watching Texas play Seattle and seeing if they would clinch. Right. Like I want to hear about their champagne celebration. 
Last year when I was following the Yankees for my book, we were on a roll and won the last game of the series against the Angels. Here I am in happier times. I was hoping we’d make the playoffs and we did. This year? I’m hoping we don’t come in fourth. Somehow.



    Hi Jane! It’s Janet from Ithaca.
    There seem to be a lot of opinions about what went wrong this year:
    It’s the pitching
    It’s the hitting
    It’s the injuries
    It’s A-Rod
    It’s the batting order
    It’s Brian Cashman(who said if ” If I knew what was wrong I would fix it”.
    What I wonder is why so few people are questioning Joe Girardi. I admit to being a a novice Yankee fan, but shouldn’t Girardi have some responsiblity for this sad season?
    I do have tickets for the September18 game with the White Sox, so guess I wil be at one of the last games at Yankee stadium.We are bringing screwdrivers but I hear the security is pretty tight!

  2. Jane Heller

    Hi, Janet! Nice to hear from you.

    You may be a novice Yankee fan, but you’ve listed all the reasons why they’re in fourth place. As for Girardi, he’d probably be the first to take responsibility for the sad season. How responsible was he really? Hard to know. He had a very prepared group coming out of spring training, fitness wise. So we can’t blame him for the injuries. We also can’t blame him for the players he was handed, which included two unproven starting pitchers and a bench that consisted of Wilson Betemit. Has he made bonehead moves on the field during the season? Sure. But the bigger question is did he fail to motivate the team? And do players who make the kind of money they make need motivating? Bottom line, I think everything about the 2008 Yankees will be evaluated and re-evaluated, including the manager.

    Enjoy the game on September 18th and leave the screwdrivers in Ithaca!

    – Jane

  3. flairforthedramatic

    I don’t know why I still watch the games but I don’t even feel like posting about the Yanks anymore. They aren’t going to make it to the postseason, which is the whole point of the regular season [making it] so there’s not much else to do but complain about them. Even when they win it’s meaningless. I’ve never been this annoyed with this team. First time for everything though huh?
    V –

  4. jboogie

    It’s mind boggling that a lineup with this much talent consistently struggles with non-name pitchers. I blogged about this the other day. Not being a major leaguer i obviously have no real idea, but my theory is that they don’t properly scout new pitchers and they kind of just let the hitters fly by the seat of their pants b/c they think they’re better than the pitcher. Make sense? It’s probably a combo of poor scouting reports, bad coaching by Kevin Long, and the hitters not caring to prepare b/c they think they’re better than the pitcher. I don’t know. It happens way too much for it to be a one off situation.


  5. PAUL

    I think these no-names (except Hochevar—-who reminds me of Halladay—-and IS going to be a star) get amped up to pitch against the Yankees are are performing over their heads.
    When you mentioned “screwdrivers” it makes me wonder whether they’re planning to take some of the infrastructure or planning to conclude the season in an alcohol-driven stupor, and it reminded me of last night’s Mets game. It was 7-5 when I couldn’t watch anymore and went to take a shower; I came out and found that Aaron Heilman saw to it that it was 7-7, at which point, I NEEDED a 7&7. They’re driving me to drink.
    I dig the Peppermint Patty T-shirt, by the way.

  6. Jane Heller

    J-Boogie, I can’t believe they don’t look at scouting reports on the no-name pitchers. Didn’t Joe Girardi get the manager’s job because he was all about preparation? I don’t know what to think about it. Some of these guys are genuinely good prospects (see Paul’s comment about Hochevar reminding him of Halladay), but others have high ERAs, so other teams don’t have trouble with them – just us. Doesn’t make sense and it drives me crazy.

    Paul – Re: being driven to drink. I can’t wait to post a video trailer we did for my book that shows me guzzling straight from a vodka bottle while the Yankees are losing. (I wasn’t really drinking; the bottle was a prop. But you’ll get the general idea.)

    – Jane

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