Torii Hunter: Go Back on Your Anti-Psychotic Meds!

Some game tonight, huh? Sure, the Angels always crush us, but this loss was particularly nauseating because Scioscia threw all their scrubs at us and they still crushed us. Our problem(s)? No starting pitching. No relief pitching. No timely hitting (okay, no hitting at all). And no defense (way to play that ball, Bobby). As Peter Abraham wrote on his LoHud blog after we scored only one run with the bases loaded: “No team does less with more.”

But there was a scrum! Yay! Torii Hunter, who had stolen second and third on Pudge in the sixth inning, made a bonehead move trying to score on a grounder. He was easily tagged out by Pudge, who gave him a little extra nudge. No big deal, I thought. And then as Pudge walked toward the mound, Hunter went psycho and shoved Pudge hard from behind. Punches were thrown and didn’t land and the benches cleared. The usual. But at least there was a little excitement! I actually got up out of my chair and yelled at the TV! And what I yelled was this: “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, TORII? DID YOU STOP TAKING YOUR MEDS?” Seriously. The doctor needs to up his dosage.
Hunter and Pudge were ejected and the Yankees limped along to the 12-1 conclusion. I was expecting some retaliation, but nooo. Not from Giese or Ramirez (whatever happened with his other supposed suspension, when he threw at Millar?) or Britton. I was sure someone would pop Vladie. I was wrong. Maybe tomorrow night. That’s what the 2008 Yankees have reduced me to: hoping for a brawl.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    Thiiiis is why we need Farnsworth. He’s the best retaliation gun money can buy. He just has to look at the guy and the batter will know the ball is headed for his ribs… or head.
    The games are so boring that I’m actually semi-hoping for a brawl as well. The team is so garbage that there’s no other way to insult them by this point.
    V –

  2. Jane Heller

    V- I thought of Farnsy last night for the enforcer job. Proctor too. But, it sounds like Hunter and Rodriguez kissed and made up, which means everybody will get back to playing baseball tonight. Hm. Given the sorry state of affairs, we’ll need some other side show. Like maybe the rally monkey will get loose from its cage and bite Chone Figgins on the neck.
    – Jane

  3. Jane Heller

    26ac – I did too! Plus, he’s from Anaheim so his family was probably there watching. Oh, well. As Girardi said, “Boys will be boys.”
    – Jane

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