Party Like It’s 1992!

Never mind what I wrote in my last entry about A-Rod being such a prize. He not only got picked off at first with Jeter on second, but he was 0-for-10 against the Mariners in this series. If I had an A-Rod bobble head doll, I’d knock its bobbling head off.

I’m mad at everybody right now. Cano came up twice with two runners on base and one out, and he struck out both times. Totally lame. And how about Girardi’s decision to bring in Veras? Did it somehow escape our manager that Veras has morphed into the new Farnsworth?
But worst of all, Toronto beat Tampa Bay so the Yankees are in fourth place – fourth place! – where we haven’t been since 1992. 
Does everybody remember the Yankees of ’92? Aside from Mattingly, they were not a pretty sight. Here’s a little trip down memory lane – a trip I sincerely hope the Yankees brain trust in Tampa will take. If looking at this lineup doesn’t scare Hank and Hal into making changes in the off season, I don’t know what will.
(Imagine Bob Sheppard announcing the following and manager Buck Showalter handing the home plate umpire the lineup card….)
Matt Nokes – C
Don Mattingtly – 1B
Pat Kelly – 2B
Charlie Hayes – 3B
Andy Stankiewicz – SS
Mel Hall – LF
Roberto Kelly – CF
Danny Tartabull – RF
Kevin Maas – DH
Oh, and here’s a sample of our pitching staff that year….
Melido Perez….Scott Sanderson….Scott Kamieniecki….Greg Cadaret….Rich Monteleone….and my personal favorite Tim Leary, who got caught reaching for the emory board in his cap (or was it pine tar?) on national TV.
Pathetic! Just pathetic!
OK. I’ll calm down. So we’ll wind up in fourth place. No biggie. There are other things to celebrate than just winning divisions and wild cards. We can still count down to the end of the old Yankee Stadium. Well, we can if we’re lucky enough to have tickets for one of the final games. I live in California, so I won’t be there. I did try to enter the Yankees’ #1 Fan Contest and get free tickets to the last game. But you have to live in the Tri-State area, so I was ineligible. Did this team and its $200 million payroll not want to spring for the airfare? Or was it the thought of the hotel bill that freaked them out? The cab to and from LaGuardia? Come on, people!
Yeah, I’m mad.


  1. Jane Heller

    Hey, Chris. Amazing how the Jays are going. They’ve been cruising since Cito Gaston took over, right? It looks like the Rays are fading. In the end, I’m thinking it’ll be Angels-Cubs in the WS. But I could change my mind tomorrow!
    – Jane


    Hey Jane,

    Just thought I would check out your blog. Those names are a real blast from the past, you’re right that was such a pathetic team. I wouldn’t go so far as calling Veras another Farnsworth. That’s the ultimate insult for any reliever. I think he is just feeling the full effects of having to pitch as much as he has this entire season. This entire pen has been overworked. I have absolutely no hope this team will get back into the WC picture since it would require this team to win almost all of its remaining games just to catch up with Boston, assuming Boston only plays .500 ball for the rest of the season. Neither scenario is likely to happen, this team is so poorly put together. I doubt the Jays will stay ahead of the Yanks, they do have good pitching but they have a very average offense which ranks in the lower half of the AL in most offensive categories. Yanks should be to finish this season ahead of them, after all you can’t win if you can’t score. Cool blog!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. PAUL

    Ah, Mel Hall. Most famous for his daily tormenting of a young, shy Bernie Williams to the point that the future Yankee hero Bernie would cry; it only stopped when Gerald Williams threatened Hall with violence if he did it again. Hall’s been accused of sexual assault with two girls, one “under 17” the other “under 14”. Classy guy. I think Gerald Williams should pay him a visit now.

  4. Jane Heller

    Matthew….Thanks for stopping in. OK maybe I was too harsh in calling Veras the new Farnsworth. I should have called him the new Vizcaino!

    And Paul….Yeah, Mel Hall was in the Luis Polonia category regarding the underage women. And his treatment of Bernie was beyond low.

    – Jane

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