Sleepless in Seattle

I realize the Yankees spent last night on a cross-country flight and had to feel jet-lagged and tired for tonight’s game. But that’s what Red Bull is for!!!!! They couldn’t manage a hit over seven innings against a guy who was making his first start in the majors for a last-place team? How sad is that? I wonder what sort of positive spin Girardi will put on this one. Will he say: “Sometimes you just have to tip your cap?” Or go with the usual: “We took good swings?” Or maybe he’ll resort to: “You don’t always get the results you want.” I hope they all have a nice, deep sleep, because when they wake up tomorrow they’ll have to face the same reality I’m facing: it’s over. 

On a positive note: only six months until spring training!


  1. flairforthedramatic

    I think you made the same guesses as I would’ve of what Joe G. would’ve said to sugarcoat the loss. He just can’t accept that the team sucks, so instead he either says the other team was better or things just didn’t go the Yank’s way or it’s the game’s fault.
    The Yanks have been sleepless all season. It’s just more appropriate now that they’re in Seattle lol.
    I think you just broke your “not giving up on my team” promise, but I honestly don’t blame you. It’s all over and everyone knows it.
    V –

  2. Jane Heller

    Hey, V. The NY Post story about last night’s game reported that Girardi said after the loss: “His stuff was electric tonight,” referring to the pitcher. So I was pretty close with the “You just have to tip your cap” bit. LOL….Regarding giving up, I’m such a hopeless romantic that I can’t throw in the towel entirely. Maybe a miracle will happen. A girl can dream, right? But after reading Peter Abraham’s LoHud blog this morning and hearing that even the players seemed to have faced reality, it’s time….. I’ll never give up on the Yankees or throw my support to another team during the playoffs like that idiot Giuliani – but I’d be a total dip not to realize that the Yankees’ 2008 season ends on September 28th. I just hope they do something spectacular at the last game at the Stadium. We need Whitey Ford and Yogi and Reggie, plus I hear they’re having Mantle’s son and maybe Babe Ruth’s granddaughter. My question is WHAT ABOUT BERNIE? Shouldn’t there be something to commemorate his contribution to the history there?
    – Jane

  3. PAUL

    It’s gonna get worse before it gets better; just as the reality that the Yankees aren’t in the playoffs starts to sink in, the Red Sox, Mets and Dodgers could very well still be playing while the Yankees are clearing out their lockers at the old Stadium for the last time.
    And Giuliani’s wife is WA-A-A-A-Y-Y-Y-Y more annoying than he is with that phony, tooth-laden smile she’s had plastered on her face for the past two years; she must’ve been practicing that thing in the mirror from the time he left the mayor’s office until he officially started his ill-fated presidential run and now it’s stuck—-sort of like the Joker.

  4. Jane Heller

    Yeah, it’ll be a stake in the heart watching the Red Sox, Mets and Dodgers still playing while the Yankees are done – each team for a different reason. The Yankees could have mitigated the pain by doing more with the Last-Games-at-the-Stadium festivities (at least there would be something to celebrate), but they also could have done everything possible in the off-season to insure that the Yankees would get to the playoffs. I hate to keep harping on the Santana deal but it rankles. Management should have sucked it up and done whatever it took to win a championship in the last year of the Stadium. Maybe Joe Nathan was available and we could have had him in the setup role until Mo retires, for ex. Instead, we got a retread of last year, not counting Cody Home Run King Ransom. As for Mrs. Giuliani, she’s probably wondering how she miscalculated. No First Lady role for her now. She probably can’t even get a good table at a restaurant.

    – Jane

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