When Real Life and Baseball Overlap

Normally I’d be thrilled at the prospect of playing three against the Mariners, but we’re stuck with Ponson on the mound for Saturday’s game and Abreu’s got a bad wrist. Plus, tonight’s finale against the Rays was downright depressing. The Yanks couldn’t manage any offense against Kazmir, despite all the walks, and Rasner was an abomination. Loved the late rally in the ninth – is Cody Ransom for real? – but it was a couple of runs short. Bummer.

To put things in perspective though, the mother of one of my best friends died this morning. I was overcome with sadness for my pal and touched by her profound sense of loss. Sometimes, I really need to be reminded that baseball is just a game and that life is fragile.


  1. Jane Heller

    I’ll be busy promoting Confessions of a She-Fan, the book about being a Yankee fan, starting in February when it goes on sale. My publisher will be doing a big marketing campaign so I’ll probably do some talk shows. Will definitely post any appearances on this blog and on my web site. As for more books, I have my next one in mind. It’s still in the early stages so there’s not much to tell, but it’ll be baseball related and, hopefully, involve me spending another season on the road going to games.

    – Jane

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