What Are the Yankees Thinking?

Tonight’s finale against the Rays is only in
the third inning, but I’m flipping mad. Rasner hasn’t had a
win since July and he was just pulled in the third after
giving up three runs, with runners on base that are his
responsibility. Why is he even in this rotation? He shouldn’t
be on a major league team, let alone the Yankees. His stuff
stinks. Surely, there was SOMEONE we could have put on the
mound in all the time since Wang got hurt? Hello, Paul Byrd?
Hello, Jarod Washburn? Hello, anybody with major league
experience? More after the game – if I haven’t thrown a sharp
object at the TV.



  1. Jane Heller

    I must really be losing it. Rasner was pulled in the second, not the third inning. My bad. No, it’s Darrell Rasner who’s BAD. Of course, Girardi will probably say after the game, “Gee, he was throwing well.”
    – Jane

  2. ynks35421

    Thanks for the comment…I’ve really had it with Rasner. After his first couple games, he just hasn’t had any impressive stuff. And the Yankees are paying for it. Time for him to go…

  3. Jane Heller

    Hey, Chris.

    Now that I live in California, I only get to the Stadium once a year and I try to see as many games as I can. That’s why last year’s trip for my book was such a dream come true – every game in every city from the All-Star break through the ALDS. I loved every minute of it and I hope that’ll come through in the book.
    – Jane

  4. PAUL

    As poorly as Phil Hughes has pitched in the minors, how could he have been any worse than Rasner? At least Hughes’s stuff might’ve gotten him through. Girardi’s managing in an eerily similar fashion to Willie Randolph (complete with the sensitivity to criticism) and for that, Yankee fans should be very afraid.

  5. Jane Heller

    Well, Paul. I got my wish. Rasner is out of the rotation and Aceves is in against Anaheim on Tuesday. Why didn’t they bring up Hughes? In press conferences, Girardi keeps saying, “You have to EARN your way back to the big leagues.” I guess they feel he hasn’t done his earning. I don’t follow the Mets enough to get a sense of what Willie’s managing style was, to be honest. All I know is that Girardi is oddly secretive about player injuries and gets defensive when questioned about player mistakes. Joe Torre he’s not.
    – Jane

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