Good News/Bad News

On one hand, it was heartening to see another Yankees win tonight. On the other, it was galling to help the Red Sox edge closer to a division title. But what was I supposed to do? Root for the Rays? Not happening. So I guess the Yanks will just have to defy the odds (and all rational thought, considering the state of our rotation) and win the next 23 games.

Once again, the Rays were the team that looked discombobulated. Hinske is no Crawford in left. Jackson is no Kazmir on the mound. And Percival is no Mo. (Was Percy ticked off about Abreu’s 11-pitch at bat or what?!) 
As for the Yanks, where was all this offense in August? That’s what I mean about good news/bad news. The good news is that my team is not going down without a fight. The bad news is that it’s probably too late for it to matter.
Lots to watch on TV tonight, so the remote got a workout. I checked out Venus and Serena at the U.S. Open. I checked out Sarah Palin at the RNC. I checked out the Democratic pundits on Larry King. It all made me wish I lived in NY so I could get the YES Network and watch Yankees Classics every night. They’re like my favorite chick flicks; the girl always lands the guy the same way the Yankees never lose. Sigh.

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