For Red Sox Fans Out There

As Sox fans begrudgingly root for the Yankees to beat the Rays over the next few days so they can draw ever closer to the division lead, I’m reminded how complicated and tangled our “relationship” is. You Boston fans are as obsessed with the Empire as we’re obsessed with the Nation. Not that anyone in either camp would ever admit it. But I came clean in a recent NY Times piece about my love/hate thing for the Red Sox. Check it out here.


  1. A.C.

    Hey, thanks for the comment. I read your NY Times piece and it’s really great. I think it voices something that all Yankee fans really do love to hate the Red Sox. One of the greatest things about baseball is that it opens so many doors for argument, and the Yanks-Sox rivalry is a gigantic can of worms that pops open year after year.
    It’s really cool that you’ve written this piece. As an aspiring sports journalist, I’m trying to break into the sports and communications world. Thanks again for yolur comment, and keep in touch.

    Also, were you at the All-Star Game. If so, did you stay for the whole thing?

  2. PAUL

    On a lower level, it’s the same thing with the Mets and the Braves. On the one hand, I’m not sorry to see the Braves lose some of their smug condescension toward the Mets now that they’re in full rebuilding mode; on the other hand, it would’ve been nice to beat them just once when it mattered; their fans aren’t shy to remind Mets fans that the one time the Mets made it to the World Series during the Mets-Braves rivalry years was when the Cardinals provided the favor of taking the Braves out in the first round (and they’re right). One isn’t the same without the other, like Ali-Frazier; Borg-McEnroe; or Cowboys-49ers; it’s more interesting when both are fighting for the same thing regardless of the outcome.

  3. Jane Heller

    A.C. – I wasn’t at the All-Star game. I live in CA, but I came to NY a week later and went to a Yankees-Twins game. Truthfully, I’m not that into All-Star games, although this one had special meaning since it was at the Stadium and I loved watching it on TV. But I think it’s ridiculous to run out of pitchers if the game goes into extras. Francona tried to use the pitchers judiciously but why not let each team have more arms in the pen? Either that or let the starters throw more innings!

    – Jane

  4. Jane Heller

    Paul – You’re so right. Rivalries are what take sports to a whole different level. I haven’t watched a single boxing match since Ali-Frazer. (Well, maybe I did sneak a peek at Tyson nibbling on Holyfield’s ear.) Borg-McEnroe was awesome. And the Federer-Nadal final at Wimbeldon rose to that level. Being a grrl tennis player, there was no better rivalry than Chrissie-Martina for me. Not that interested in Williams vs. Williams because their style of play is so similar.
    – Jane

  5. mlbmark

    Loved the NYT article. Well done. I think if you asked any self-respecting Bama or Auburn fan, he or she wants the other team to be ranked as well and for the rivalry to always have meaning. I still think it’s funny that this year began with a fan trying to sneak a Papi shirt into the foundation of the new Yankee Stadium. This one will always be meaningful even when the teams inevitably cycle out of contention. And the average Cardinal fan in that fan base’s own massive geographical region will always laugh and ask who cares while still recognized among most players as the best fans in baseball (Sox and Yankee fans hate to hear that but it’s true).


  6. Jane Heller

    Glad you liked the article, Mark. You raise an interesting question: Who ARE the best fans in baseball? You say it’s Cardinals fans. What makes them the best? I’m really curious, because you’re right: Sox fans and Yankee fans think we’re the best. One of the issues I tried to confront in my book is: What’s a true fan? Without giving away the ending, I came to the conclusion that I was wrong about myself. The measure of a true fan isn’t how loud you scream!

    – Jane

  7. steve_t

    Jane, congrats on your NYT article and all your success.
    I grew up a Yankees fan but switched over to the Sox back in 1991 and haven’t looked back. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy cheering for my new team as the Yankees went on that incredible run of World Series victories soon after.
    Tonight, though, I’m pulling for Carl Pavano to crush some Rays before any possible injury to his back or neck or shoulder or elbow or buttucks sidelines him again.

    Steve T

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