Rays of Light

Wouldn’t you know it? With 24 games left and tonight’s contest at the Trop not meaning much, especially with the Red Sox thumping the O’s, the Yankees finally resembled the team they were supposed to be. Moose pitched a gem, A-Rod hit a homer, Joba threw well out of the pen, and the Yanks won. What’s more, we were the ones that played crisply and cleanly while it was the Rays that looked sloppy, both in the field and on the bases (Upton’s spectacular catch aside). So ironic. Tampa Bay has the best record in the majors and the Yankees are on life support, and yet tonight was like a blast from the past: We were our old swaggering selves and they were the lovable losers.

Last year when I was researching “Confessions of a She-Fan,” I followed the Yankees to every city and every game after the All-Star break, including the games at the Trop. I have great memories of that place. Not because it’s a beautiful ballpark (it’s like an oversized gym) and not because of the delicious food (although they’ve got an Outback concession that was actually pretty good). It was because Matt Silverman, the Rays’ president, was a charming host, treating me to VIP seats for the entire series. 
TAMPA BAY[1].jpg
But mostly, the reason I’ll always have a fondness for Tropicana Field is that the Yankees clinched the wild card there last September. After the miserable first half of the season, we rebounded in one of the most amazing comebacks in baseball history and made it to the playoffs.
What a scene it was that night in ’07. The photographers covered their equipment in plastic so the cameras wouldn’t get doused with champagne during the clinch party. While the players celebrated, I sat in my plush seat clapping until my hands were raw. I was so happy.
Well, now here we are a year later. No clinch party but a victory tonight. I have no choice but to settle for that.


  1. flairforthedramatic

    “On life support” lol… I bet the Devil Angels will pull the plug.
    The Yanks of old definitely made a reappearance tonight to semi calm my frustrations with them. I wish we had seen them more this season. Last year’s comeback was amazing, considering how horrrrrrible they were in the first half. The difference this year is that the Yanks have been horrible essentially all year, with the exception of games here and there and the 8 game winning streak following the All-Star Game. It sucks that there’s no choice but to settle for the few wins the Yanks do manage, but what are you going to do? I’m looking forward to the next series in Seattle though, for no other reason than because I’m in love with Safeco field [rarely does a ballpark look that beautiful even on tv].
    V – http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com

  2. Jane Heller

    The Devil Angels. Now that’s LOL! My reason for looking forward to the series in Seattle is that we might actually sweep the Mariners. Well, depending which team shows up: the good Yankees or the pathetic ones.
    – Jane

  3. b0s0x86

    Hey, I’m a Sox fan, and for the next few days I will be doing the unthinkable and rooting for you guys. I really enjoy reading the blog, though (most days), and keeping up with the empire and what they’re doing. (Remember the whole “know thy enemy” thing.) I’m looking for ways to improve my blog and I like your writing style. Keep up the good work, and I hope you guys win the next two games. 🙂

    ~Sara H.

  4. Jane Heller

    Thanks for venturing over here, Sara. I know you guys are rooting for us to pound the Rays for you. What’s weird is that unless something miraculous happens for the Empire, that last series at Fenway will be a non-event. You don’t REALLY want that, do you? Come on. You know you love it when our teams go at it! So why not lose a few games and let us back into the pennant race!
    – Jane

  5. jimmy27nyy


    Well, it was a big win for the Yankees last night [all wins are big at this time of the year] … Now only 8 more wins on this road trip for a perfect “10-0” … It was great to see Mike Mussina get his 17th win, as he continues on the path to his first 20-win season !!! … Also, a tremendous two-run homerun by Xavier Nady into the catwalk up in the leftfield roof; and, the awesome catch by the Rays centerfielder, Upton, were two unbelievable sights to see in the 7-2 victory by the Yankees … Too bad the Rays fans, and Tampa Bay community, are not supporting their “first place” team … You would think, the Tampa Bay Organization would offer two-for-one tickets, or some other promotion, to sell-out the building, especially, in these big games vs. the Yankees … And, where are the Yankee fans? We have our minor league complex down there, and I thought there were many Yankee fans in Florida ? … I guess moving from the “Dome” couldn’t come soon enough for the Rays !!! … Anyway, great win for the Yankees !!! … Take care, Jane !!! Go Yankees !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …


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