Inside Cashman’s Head

Today’s makeup game against the Tigers was sort of pitiful, given that Verlander went from being a number one starter for Detroit to basically serving up batting practice. But still. The Yankees won after nearly blowing it. The “W” won’t mean anything in the long run, given that the Red Sox won too and there are only 25 games to play and all the rest. But it was fun watching the Yanks hang on after yet another bonehead play by Cano combined with yet another awful start by Ponson.

I would love to crawl inside Brian Cashman’s head and find out what he’s thinking as he goes along on this road trip. Did he really believe he would “catch lightning in a bottle” (hate that expression) with Sir Sidney? If he had no intention of bringing Melky up today when the rosters expanded, why did he wait so long to send him down to Scranton in the first place? And is this road trip a scouting mission or a show of support? If I were in his head I’d be looking long and hard at the Rays over the next few days. I’d try to figure out how the Yankees let Carlos Pena and Dioner Navarro go. I’d be noting how athletic the Rays are, on the base paths and in the field. And I’d be wondering why their young pitchers have so much better stuff than ours. When I wrote that I was impressed with the Rays in that New York Times article last year (see my first post), people laughed at me. They’re not laughing any more.


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    Welcome to mlblogs … Hello, my name is Jimmy from the mlblog, “Baseball, The Yankees, and Life” … It’s great to see another Yankees fan and Yankees blog on the network … Your posts have been excellent, so far; as well as, your articles in the NY Times … So, keep up the great work !!! … As far as the Yankees are concerned, well, it doesn’t look real good right now, but I still hold out hope that somehow the Yanks will make it into the playoffs … Until the numbers say otherwise, I will look to the great Yogi Berra for inspiration, “it ain’t over, ’till it’s over” !!! … I do think that whatever happens this season, though, the Yankees should replace Brian Cashman as GM … My personal choice for new GM of the Yankees would be, Buck Showalter … I always liked him when he was the manager of the Yankees — and, thought it was unfair when he was replaced after the 1995 season … Who knows, the “Joe Torre Era” could have been the “Buck Showalter Era”? … But, with that said, after leaving the Yankees, Showalter managed the Texas Rangers; and, then, went onto the Arizona D-Backs, and was a big part of building up that Championship Organization !!! … A change needs to be made, and I think Buck Showalter would be the perfect choice as Yankees GM !!! … Looking ahead to 2009, in my view, the top priorities for the Yankees should be the signing of: Mark Teixeira [first base], and CC Sabathia [starting pitcher] … Also, I really think they should re-sign: Bobby Abreu, Mike Mussina, and Andy Petitte — then, go from there, in re-building this Yankees team, so their first year in the new Yankee Stadium will be a Championship year [#28???] … Also, Jane, I agree with you regarding the Tampa Bay Rays … The Rays are a very good team, having a great year, and I think they will not fold, and will [probably] win the AL East … Much of the credit for their success has to be given to their Manager, Joe Maddon … So, that’s it for now … As a life-long, die-hard Yankees fan, I still keep my sights on first place, or the wild card; but, it looks more and more like those sights are more focused on 2009, than this season … The Yankees are still in the race, though … So, it is still possible for the Yankees to get into the playoffs in 2008 !!! … One final thought: As an aspiring author myself, I look forward to your upcoming book about your experience of following the Yankees last season. It sounds like a very interesting topic and story, and will be a very enjoyable book for all Yankee fans to read … Looking at your bio, and considering who would play you in the movie version, my vote definitely would be for Reese Witherspoon in the staring role … Reese’s “Oscar Winning” Perormance in “Walk The Line”, playing Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter, was awesome … She would be perfect in the movie based on your book !!! … Jane, best wishes and success with your upcoming Book, and Blog … I look forward to your future posts, comments, and thoughts !!! … Also, you are welcome to check out my blog, any time !!! … Take care, Jimmy [27NYY] …

  2. dustingoff

    Excellent points. Frustration with a GM is not an unheard of gripe here in Milwaukee, so you’re not alone. Only now we love our GM and a lot of us are at odds with our manager. In press conferences at least Joe Girardi doesn’t seem condescending or insulting to the fans like Ned Yost is here in Milwaukee. Good luck with the film, I think baseball is one sport that translates the best to the written medium, and film especially. I’m not a big Yankee fan, but “61*” is one of my favorite movies of all time.

    Feel free to check out my new blog. I’ve never really done a lot of it before.

  3. Jane Heller

    Jimmy – Great to “meet” another Yankee fan. I still can’t believe there are only 25 games to go, but that’s reality. At least last year they recovered from the hole they were in and finished strong. Even though the ALDS was a heartbreaker, at least they got into the playoffs……Interesting that you’re thinking about Showalter as the next GM. I was never a fan of his – the players seemed to think he was such a control freak – but maybe as a GM instead of a manager he’d be perfect. I’ve been watching him on ESPN and he’s got some interesting things to say. I think they should give Stick Michael a bigger role in any case. And whoever they’ve been using to scout talent in Japan should be fired! Kei Igawa? Come on!…..I, too, pray they sign Sabathia and Teixeira. Abreu and Mussina? Probably I’ve give them another year. Not so sure about Pettitte. Doesn’t he seem sort of done?…..Thanks for your support for my upcoming book. We just got great cover blurbs from Peter Golenbock, who wrote The Bronx Zoo with Sparky Lyle, and from David Fisher, who wrote The Artful Dodger with Tommy Lasorda. I’ll be posting a funny video trailer we did to promote the book soon. Keep an eye out. As for Reese Witherspoon playing me in a movie version, I’d be soooo happy if that happened, but first my agent has to sell the movie rights and it seems like everyone in Hollywood is on vacation at the moment. Lorne Michaels is a big Yankee fan and my agent sent the book to his production company. Please let him love it!!!!
    – Jane

  4. Jane Heller

    And here’s a thanks to dustingoff for visiting. I really need to pay more attention to the Brewers, other than that Sabathia has been amazing for you guys……So you’re not wild about Ned Yost? Joe Girardi isn’t condescending at all. My only issue with him is his lack of credibility when it comes to injuries. He tells the media everybody’s fine and then we find out the player’s going on the DL. He puts a positive spin on everything, which can be good, but I’d rather hear the truth. Torre was never like that. He just flat out told you what was going on. But I guess it’s something Girardi will learn……I appreciate your good thoughts about my book. I agree that baseball translates well onto the page and the screen. I loved “61” but, being a diehard Yankee fan, my favorite is “Pride of the Yankees” about Lou Gehrig. Makes me sob my guts out every time!…..Good luck to the Brewers heading down the stretch.
    – Jane

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