Solo Homers Don’t Win Championships

I was thinking today, as I watched the Yanks go down yet again to a team they needed to beat, where are the rallies? Do the 2008 Yankees even know what a rally is? A solo homer is great if you’re talking about an Aaron Boone/Bucky Dent type fluke. But the teams that succeed in the 21st century are the ones that kill you with singles, not to mention pitching and defense and speed on the bases. I really hope Cashman – or whoever will be the GM next year if he isn’t – will take a look at baseball’s new reality. Gone are the days of the one-dimensional, big bopper home run hitters. Today’s success stories (can you spell RAYS?) have scrappy, speedy grinders, who mesh perfectly with the one or two guys with power. For the Yankees it’s been the same tired theme all season long: if we don’t hit a homer we don’t score/win.

And now, having lost the series to the Jays, we head to Detroit for a game between two teams that were supposed to contend (remember how everybody predicted the Tigers would win it all when they got Cabrera, Renteria and Willis?) but are, instead, nobody’s idea of a champion.
All I know is it can’t be a fun atmosphere on that charter flight this afternoon. The Red Sox lost and are clearly vulnerable down the stretch, and yet the Yankees can’t do a damn thing about it.


  1. mlbmark

    Awesome to have you aboard, Jane. Will add that to the author list fosho. We’ll get you some good PR next winter on as well. Get to know my friends at – you have plenty in common, apparently. They had some good PR working for their Savvy Girls baseball book and the Mets had them at a Shea event last month. Go Jane Go.


  2. flairforthedramatic

    You’ve expressed the same thing I touched on a couple of times. It’s not even fun watching a homer from this team anymore b/c they never hit one with runners on. I never thought a team would kill the spirit of a home run but apparently the Yanks can manage to do everything but win ballgames. Thank goodness I didn’t get to catch this game today.
    I don’t think the Yanks will ever stop going after the power hitters. I mean, they’re still selling plenty of tickets. Though, they do seem to be changing things up a bit. They didn’t go after Texiera or any of the big name players this year like you would’ve expected them to.
    The Red Sox aren’t looking as strong as they did in the first half. They’re giving the Yanks a clear shot, but Yanks are easily letting their shot pass them by. I want a reason to believe in them, but they disappoint every day. As you said, there is noooo fight in them what so ever. They’re coming dangerously close to ripping the word “rally” from the vocabulary of Yankee fans. I can’t believe I’ll have to utter the words “there’s always next year” for once.
    V –

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